Craziest One-Night Stand Reports

These Crazy Morning-After tales could just be The Funniest Thing Ever

Let's be honest: One-night really stands are weird. You're having a complete complete stranger and launching these to the quintessential intimate parts of yourself. Then you likely never see all of them once again. Creates complete sense, right?

However, several different elements come into play — alcoholic beverages, whether you're on holiday, whether you feel down and require a random hookup, discovering someone way-out of your own category hitting on you, or simply just the usual logic-overthrowing horniness. 

However the outcome is virtually constantly this: You wake up alongside a stranger. And awkwardness ensues. 

This is why Redditors jumped about this question: Reddit, understanding your worst experience with getting up after a single night stand?

The reactions are pretty incredible. 







Alas, all was not really and after couple of hours of slamming on doors the guy realized he'd entirely forgotten about where she lived.

He returned home to me personally and our very own stinking flat where he prepared breakfast for us both with a heavy heart additionally the bluest of testicle.

*Update – i simply remembered another angle to the tale – the guy phoned me personally as he had been taking walks towards the shop and informed me which he cannot remember whether the woman name was actually, say both, 'Emma' or 'Anna', next phoned me once again in a stress sometime afterwards whilst in search of the woman household asking just what two labels he'd explained she may be called having forgotten all of those and. — chris1300


















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